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With our nationally acclaimed fine dining restaurant, Roots Southern Table, our fast casual concept Roots Chicken Shak recognized as serving the best fried chicken in Dallas, our newest concept Radici Wood Fired Grill, and our unique Shef Tiffany Spice, T2D Concepts' hospitality brands bring a myriad of flavors to you!
Big Bird


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Roots Chicken Shak

Our fast-casual concept, serving our duck-fat fried chicken and opportunity for you to join us!

RST Dining Room
Roots Southern Table

Our full-service restaurant introducing global influences in Southern Cuisine

Radici Wood Fired Grill

Our full service restaurant, serving Italian cuisine, with fresh ingredients and kissed by our Wood fired grill!

Shef Spices

Our proprietary spice - the secret ingredient in our famous duck-fat fried chicken!

Franchise Opportunity
Equity &

Equity and Inclusion is our lodestar, embedded in all aspects of our brands.  From our core values to our restaurant design and business strategy, equity and inclusion is integral.  Everyone deserves a seat at the Table, not just at Roots Southern Table!

Hospitality workers lack access to personal and professional development and their employers similarly lack access to the educational resources to answer this demand and help advance their employees’ development.

T2D is currently designing a learning platform to answer the Opportunity.  


By curating and developing learning content, including experiential based learning, T2D will introduce a learning management system (LMS) that advances personal and professional development for the hospitality industry (and beyond).

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