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Our Why

We believe, simply, that opportunity should not discriminate. We believe that we must advocate and innovate to drive equity.  We believe that we must work tirelessly to raise awareness, demand action, and promote innovative solutions to create opportunity. 
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Tiffany Derry

While I have your attention

Advocacy + Action

Innovation + Impact

Our founders continuously work to drive awareness and action.  Eroding systemic inequities demands tireless effort.  Our work includes adocacy on the "Hill" for food policy, mentoring women-owned and minority-owned entrepreneurs, speaking on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), and faciltiating corporate workshops on DE&I.  We would love to join you at your table, enjoy great food, and stimulating, though perhaps sometimes uncomfortable, conversations.We want to ensure everyone is invited to "the table" and that we drive economic opportunity for all. 

Ensuring "opportunity for all" demands intentional design. 
We are developing Roots Chicken Shak to spark business ownership for our community members that have not previously had this opportunity.  By marrying our successful operations plan with strategic funding, we have the ingredients for our historically marginalized community members to open their own Shak and close our gender and racial wealth gaps! 
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